Our Story

We aspire to earn your trust through honesty, integrity and ethics. In concert with this approach, our unwavering commitment to exceptional quality, unmatched customer service and excellence in our products and offerings has unquestionably fortified our goodwill among our stakeholders. On this opportune moment, let us formally acquaint you with the gentleman who laid the foundation of our company. Here’s introducing our founder.

Soham is a first-generation businessman. He was born, raised and resides in Kolkata, India. Soham studied at St. James’ School and thereafter, earned his degrees in hospitality from the Institute of Hotel Management, Kolkata and the Oberoi Centre of Learning & Development, New Delhi, India.

Soham, on graduating from the Oberoi Centre of Learning & Development, moved on, on personal grounds. The available employment opportunities did not interest him, rendering him unemployed for 10 months. He decided on starting a business.

His first venture, No Junktion was a health food brand which drew inspiration from his personal weight loss journey where he had shed a gargantuan 90 pounds. The brand progressed from launching as an online food delivery service, thereafter, expanding to a takeaway and finally to a bistro. 

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Unfortunately, the brand shut down after operating for 20 months owing to an employee union crisis.

His second venture was Soham Ghosh Holdings, an investment firm that invested in listed equities. The firm was incorporated to specifically manage his investment portfolio. A few of his notable investments were in Tata Elexsi, Tata Power, Tata Motors, Speciality Restaurants, Venkys, Ion Exchange, Sterling and Wilson, Graphite India and Borosil Renewables. His investments grew a stupendous 115x.

Soham, post his successful run in the financial markets, founded his third venture, Soham Ghosh International and forayed into the glittering world of diamonds via exports.

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Our Vision

To establish ourselves as one of the most preferred luxury export houses across the globe.

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Our Mission

To deliver an unparalleled experience to our global clientele with products and services of the highest standards bolstered by unrivalled professionalism, conduct, honesty and accountability.

Our Core Values


We intend to approach every situation to build unwavering trust. Infused with absolute faith, and strengthened with integrity, transparency and accountability, our work culture, processes and output will be aimed at building unshakeable trust amongst all our stakeholders. We are grateful that our customers trust us and therefore, pledge to only offer genuine and high-quality diamonds.


We take particular care to ensure that our diamonds are ethically sourced. We engage in ethical and conflict-free business practices. Incredible transparency lies in our pioneering principals which directly reflects in our commitment to bring you excellent quality diamonds. We pledge to deliver on our promises, in terms of, quality of our products and services. We believe that responsible business practices will help us drive sustainability and fortify a lifelong and loyal association with every customer.


We do not believe in destiny, rather, we believe in effort and persistent hard work. We solemnly believe that hard work is the key to success. Our dedication towards working hard every single day helps us cross milestones consistently and enables us to keep setting inspiring goals for ourselves.

Customer Centric

Customers for us, are equivalent to God. A business is meaningless without contented customers. We pledge to uphold our customers, their decision to choose us and their expectations from us. We commit to cater to them with unmatched conduct, honesty and professionalism. We pledge to eternally put them before us. We are, because, they are.


We commit to excellence in thought, ethics, conduct, teamwork, problem-solving, decision-making, our products and services. We understand and respect the fact that our customers have decided to spend their hard-earned money on our products and place their abundant trust on us, therefore, we promise to deliver excellence and also educate, innovate and upgrade ourselves to become more versatile in how we conduct business. Excellence is an innate habit which we practise consistently.