4Cs of a Diamond: Learn About Cut, Clarity, Colour, Carat

When looking for that perfect diamond, whether for an engagement ring, a special gift, or just a treat for yourself, it’s helpful to understand the 4Cs-Cut, Clarity, Colour, and Carat Weight.

These globally accepted standards are the best way to evaluate a diamond’s quality. Let us explain each one so you can find the apt diamond for yourself.


The cut doesn’t refer to the shape but how well the diamond is cut and shaped from the rough gem. A good cut optimizes light reflection and sparkle. When precisely cut, light bounces from facet to facet before dispersing through the top. A cut too shallow or deep allows light to leak out the sides and bottom, reducing brilliance.

A well-cut diamond has more fire and sparkle. Even if not the biggest stone, proper cutting helps it stand out by capturing and reflecting light. Cut is hard to quantify but critical for maximizing beauty. Cut ranges from Excellent to Fair.


Clarity refers to tiny natural imperfections called inclusions and blemishes within the stone. Fewer inclusions mean higher clarity and value. Clarity ranges from Flawless (no inclusions under 10x magnification) to Included (visible to the naked eye).

Most inclusions are microscopic and don’t impact beauty or value. But flawless diamonds are exceptionally rare and pricey. Remember, each diamond has unique inclusions, making every gem one-of-a-kind.


The diamond colour refers to a lack of hue. A chemically pure, structurally perfect diamond is colourless, like a drop of pure water. The scale runs from D (colourless) to Z (light yellow/brown). Colourless is ideal since it allows maximum light refraction and sparkle.

But colour differences can be very subtle, barely visible to an amateur. Still, these minute differences significantly impact quality and price.


Carat refers to diamond weight, not physical size. One carat equals 200 milligrams. Larger diamonds are rarer, so value rises exponentially with carat weight. However, equal-carat diamonds can vary widely in other Cs like clarity, colour, and cut.

Please note, that a higher carat doesn’t automatically mean a visibly larger diamond. Visual size depends on the cut proportions and table size (the flat top surface).

Final Thoughts

The 4Cs work together to determine overall quality. A diamond could have perfect clarity/colour but a poor cut, making it appear dull. Or it may have a great cut but lower clarity/colour yet still shine brightly. It’s about balance for your requirement and budget.

When choosing a diamond, decide which C matters most to you. Is it unmatched sparkle from a precision cut, near invisible inclusions, colourless brilliance, or impressive carat weight? Your priority will guide you.

Remember, a diamond symbolizes enduring love. While the 4Cs help you evaluate, the right diamond just speaks to you. It’s not only about grades but the connection you feel. Take time, research, and find a diamond you’ll cherish forever.

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