lab-grown diamond exporters

Why you could consider lab-grown diamonds

In recent years, lab-grown diamonds have become an attractive alternative for jewellery enthusiasts. Produced in controlled environments (read, laboratories) utilising state-of-the-art technology mimicking the natural diamond formation process, these diamond alternatives have become a favourite of customers who have progressively become more conscious in their choices. If you are a business owner dealing in diamonds and want to source top-quality stones from one of the premium lab-grown diamond exporters in India, read on why your customers are in love with lab-grown diamonds.

The newbie of the global jewellery industry

Lab-grown diamonds are created under controlled conditions, enabling manufacturers to produce diamonds of exceptional quality. Bolstered with advanced technology and quality control, lab-grown diamonds can match the brilliance of their natural counterparts at astoundingly economical prices.

Identical to its natural counterpart

On conducting extensive research, it has been inferred that lab-grown diamonds and its natural counterparts have identical physical, chemical and optical properties. On the Mohs scale too, they score a perfect 10 on the hardness parameter. Even a professional will require specialized and advanced equipment to distinguish between the two. With magnification, a professional should be able to make out small contrasts in the inclusions of natural and lab-grown diamonds.

A plethora of choices

Lab-grown diamonds open a world of possibilities for personalized jewellery. With a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours available, one can create a unique piece of jewellery that perfectly reflects the wearer’s style and personality. Whether a striking engagement ring, a gorgeous necklace or a stunning bracelet, lab-grown diamonds offer eclectic options to customise distinctive creations. These can also be produced in a stunning array of vibrant colours, such as blue, pink, yellow and green, to mention a few.

More affordable

Opting for high-quality lab-grown diamonds from the one of the best Indian lab-grown diamond wholesalers can be a great financial decision. There is limited supply of naturally created diamonds present on earth, especially natural diamonds of large sizes and high-quality. On the contrary, lab-grown diamonds can be made in huge quantities over a few weeks. Because of how lab-grown diamonds are manufactured and our ability to keep making more in the future, their prices are lower than natural diamonds. Therefore, as a business owner, requiring to sourcing exquisite stock of lab-grown diamonds at competitive rates can switch to the saving mode while sourcing in bulk.